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Roz Savage hit a spell of bad weather during her row across the Pacific and went au naturel to deal. She disagrees with British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes (who famously said, There is no such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing.) since the forecast has been rain, clouds, rain and then hot spells. Savage has rowed more than 954 Corum 130-330-47-0138BN34 WoMen's watch miles and has taken more than 400,000 oar strokes as she nears the International Dateline and the Equator. Check in on her progress and help her out. She has a few questions shes hoping her readers can answer.Joe Spring

This was announced earlier this year, but I figured I would drop a mention of the New Bulgari Caliber 168 movement since there are a few neat things about it. Its named the 168 due to the number of components in the watch, but it also happens to mean something interesting in Chinese. In Chinese 168 would mean always getting wealthy or Corum 138-181-20-0001 BA44 Men's watch something similar to that.(photo borrowed from puristspro since there doesnt appear to be any other available)Currently, the Caliber 168 will only be available in their Sotirio collection and features a very unique looking rotor as you can see.

The Yukon River Quest, the longest annual canoe and kayak race in the world, begins tomorrow in Whitehorse, Canada. The race covers some 460 miles all the way to Dawson City, also in Yukon Province. Last years solo winner took the prize after 44 Corum 138-181-20-0001-BA44 Men's watch hours of paddling.Sean Brander.Alpinist Magazine, once pronounced dead and buried, is back on store shelves (and online) after being purchased by Backcountry Magazine for some loose change ($71,000) and an ice axe. Former Climbing editor Michael Kennedy is leading the charge.Sean Brander

the ideal Corum 130-330-47-0137PN34 WoMen's watch suspension setups for the given terrain

Its about as easy as shifting gears, and after two days on the stuff, Im sold. Our rides have switched from long, steady climbs to technical ski-resort descents to fire-road approaches, and the Twinloc let me quickly toggle between the ideal Corum 130-330-47-0137PN34 WoMen's watch suspension setups for the given terrain. It will be available on all Scott dual-suspension bikes next yearfort The CR1, Scotts original road-racing frame, gets a full makeover for 2010 and will now sit squarely in the comfort-performance category.

Video review of my Louis Erard 1931 manual winder in 18K Rose Gold. My first solid rose gold watch, and its one of my favourite dress watches. In a 40.5mm solid rose gold case, fitted with a Peseux 7001, and decorated by Louis Erard, the Corum 130-330-47-0138BN34 WoMen's watch presents a great value for someone looking for a solid gold watch on a budget (That would be me!). Buckle is a matching 18K RG and the dial is a nice matte black. Hope you enjoy the video review:

The bike should appeal to older riders or those with tricky backs who still want the look and pedaling responsiveness of a race bike, with a taller head tube, shorter top tube, and flattened rear stays that the company claims can deliver 2mm of vertical travel to smooth out rough suces. The photos at right show the full bikek and the flex zones on the Corum 130-330-47-0137PN34 WoMen's watch chainstays—theyre also on the fork and seat stays. Well try for a longterm test of the CR1 as well as Scotts new, robust line of road, mtb, and casual apparel and shoes. But from what weve seen so far, the company looks set for a good 2010.—John BradleyTwitter: johnwbradley

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Apply to be a member of our Gear Army, here.Today is the first day of Bike Press Camp, a debut event in Sun Valley, Idaho, that brings together about 20 companies from the bike industry and roughly the same number of cycling journalists for Corum 396-701-20-V800 CR64 Men's Watch presentations and testing of 2010 products. Before the start, however, Idaho-based Scott took the opportunity to preview its 2010 line with two days of riding and camping in the surrounding mountains. Heres what theyve got in store for next year.

Sellita launches their brand new SW500 Movement in time for Baselworld 2010. While Selitta has a reputation for somewhat inferior quality movements based on ETA designs, they have certainly captured the hearts of budget Swiss Watch aficionados worldwide.The new SW500 movement is essentially a copy of the Valjoux 7750 movement, similar to how the SW200 is a copy of the ETA 2824. The specs for the movement are as Corum 130-330-47-0133PN34 WoMen's watch follows:-25 jewels-28,800vph-42 hour power reserve-DayDate-ChronographAll of which are indentical to the ETAValjoux 7750. Im sure we will see this movement become the new staple for entry level swiss chronograph watches, just as the SW200 has become the new staple for non-chronos.gallery-1 margin: auto;gallery-1 .gallery-item float: left;margin-top: text-align: center;width: 33%;gallery-1 img border: 2px solid cfcfcf;gallery-1 .gallery-caption

MTB Control For its full-suspension race and all-mountain bikes (the Spark and Genius, respectively), Scott is introducing a three-way Corum 130-330-47-0131PN34 WoMen's watch handlebar mounted lever called Twinloc that controls both front and rear shocks. The first position leaves both shocks fully open, the second leaves the front fork fully open while limiting travel in the rear, and the third locks out both.

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I suppose they could have a neat little pocket to stash the pull cord in, but it’s easy enough to tuck it into the laces in two seconds flat and be on my way. Looking for an all around amazing shoe? Like to mix up your activities? Tired of packing more than one pair? Try theseyou will not regret them. The Columbia Gaia XTM shoe is not a good value; Corum 373.515.20/V810 BN75 Men's watch a great value for a myriad of activities. They are the shoe I grab for a spontaneous outing, a last minute adventure, a daily walk, or an earthquake. The sole weakness I can find is that I have them in the gorgeous pale blue color and it clashes with my red top and brown hiking pants. That’s it.

The Selitta SW200 comes in two additional variations, the SW220, which has a side-by-side Day Date, usually displayed in the 3 oclock position, and the SW240, which has the Day-Date with the Day appearing at the 12 oclock position, like the Rolex President.Diameter: 25.60 mmThickness: 4.60 mmVph: 28,800Sellita SW300Currently, the SW300 is only available in one variation and is a copy of the ETA 2892 movement, with 25 Jewels instead of 21 Jewels. Everything else is virtually identical.Diameter: 25.60 mmThickness: 3.60 Corum 61320.165001 Bracelet mmVph: 28,800Sellita SW500The Sellita SW500, which I talked about previously, is the copy of the Valjoux 7750. The Sellita SW500 features 25 Jewels, the exact same number as current or late Valjoux 7750 movements. Curious why they didnt add an extra jewel or two to this one as well.Diameter: 30.00 mmThickness:

On and off the trail, this shoe will provide you with the right balance of comfort, weightlessness, and stability without sacrificing performance. Rose Cameron, a Southern Californian, gets away from her comfortzone often (think South America). Corum 61320.162001 Strap But, that makes her an apt geartester: Treks abroad take on a whole new level of gear requirements!Not to mention water safety and first aid issues. Her next big planincludes Mount Shasta and two glaciers in Yosemite.Want to test gear for Outside magazine? 7.90 mmVph: 28,800Theres the basics. There are a few other sites that give some information on these movements, but I wanted to keep a record of them here as well as I think we will see a lot of these in the days to come.


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It is as beautiful as a long touchdown pass, and I certainly replica IWC watch know what that looks and feels like! I know it will be a perfect fit! Best Always, Tom Brady.”Tom Brady has been attending countless events with two things on his arm: Gisele Bündchen and one of these two watches.Now, you obviously can’t have Gisele, so wouldn’t you want the next best thing, one of his daily-wearer watches?If you’re interested in purchasing a terrific piece of Tom Brady memorabilia, or just helping out a great organization like Best Buddies, visit Betteridge’s website and contact Scott La Du.

Jeff Harris in Chronograph, IWC, Movado Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 9:15AM Rarely do the lovely islands of New Zealand make horological replica iluxury watches headlines, and it is even rarer for these headlines to be in mainstream media.The last week or so has seen emerging coverage of an increasingly bitter furore centred on a single watch.As you have probably guessed the watch at the centre of this is a Rolex that belonged to Sir Edmund Hillary - we told you about this auction a little while ago.

Several of Sir Hillary’s (who died in 2008) watches were listed for auction through Antiquorum - most notably a 6084 Pre-Explorer presented to him by replica Audemars Piguet watch after his initial ascent of Everest.This watch was not auctioned off last weekend, nor were the other watches belonging to Sir Hillary; they were withdrawn by Edmund Hillary’s second wife, Lady June as a result of legal action from Sir Hilary’s children and, most interestingly, the Commonwealth of New Zealand.Hilary’s children were granted an injunction by New Zealand’s High Court to prevent the watches from being auctioned.